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Benthe is 18 years old and has been living at Nano in Wageningen for a year. Nano is a living community aimed at students of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). “I’m studying Animal sciences. This means that we learn all sorts of things about animals. For example, what their habitat is, how certain animals behave, what they eat and everything about their genes.”

Benthe has her own room and is really enjoying her time at Nano: “I share my hallway, kitchen, and bathroom with 24 other people. So there’s always someone to talk to.” While there may be 25 people on one floor, Benthe thinks things are well-organised: “We have enough showers and cooking hobs. I’ve never had any issues with cooking, for example. Plus, we sometimes have dinner together, which is super fun!”

Nano residents think that it’s important to be environmentally conscious. Benthe explained that some residents cleaned the canal in Wageningen, for instance. “Also, we regularly go to the market to buy multiple products at once. Other residents can then purchase these from us. The benefit here is that we use less plastic or other waste.”

In her free time, Benthe can be found at her student union once a week. Also, Benthe organises various activities together with her hall mates to get to know one another better.”We play games outside and go for walks in the neighbourhood a lot. Sometimes we have a look at each others’ rooms with snacks and drinks.”

As Benthe has a lot of online lessons, she can usually be found in her room. “To make my room a bit more fun I’ve hung up posters from magazines and photos on my walls. I’ve also added some fairy lights.”