Frequently asked questions

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I am a Dutch student. Can I come live at Nano?

Nano does not discriminate! However, the facilities and concept of Nano are geared towards international students.

This means that all rooms are furnished. You’re not allowed to make changes to a room. Additionally, removing or replacing the furniture is not allowed. Supplementing the furniture provided, with furniture of your own, is allowed, however!

Can I keep the furniture in storage, so I can use furniture of my own choosing?

Removing or replacing the furniture is not allowed. Supplementing the furniture provided, with furniture of your own, is allowed, however!

I am in first place for one of the rooms at Nano, and I have accepted. What do I do now?

Sit tight! Every few days the team at Nano sends out an e-mail to people who have accepted a room. In this e-mail, you can find a link with which you can upload a proof of registration with the university (an acceptance letter is also permitted), and a copy of your ID.

In some cases this means you will have to be wait for a few days before receiving more information. Thank you in advance for your patience!

Is my room number as stated on the Idealis website my definitive address?

If the room number of the room you have accepted looks like this: ‘4455 1-11’, then no, it is not! Your lease agreement will have your definitive address.

If the room number is a complete address, such as Dreijenplein 8A 09, then yes, this is the definitive address.

How many showers and toilets are shared per floor?

We always count one shower per 8 people and one toilet per 5.

What is the address I can use to register with the municipality, now that I have signed my lease agreement?

Please only use the first half of your address (without the room number) to register with the municipality.

For example, if your address is Dreijenplein 10A 45, then you can register with the municipality under the address Dreijenplein 10A.

Please see the following for the postal codes per address for Nano:

Tuinlaan 5B and 5C: 6703 HE Wageningen

Dreijenplein 6A, 6B, 6C & 8A, 8B, 8C & 10A, 10b, and 10C: 6703 HB Wageningen

Bomenweg 4A: 6703 HD Wageningen

Where is Nano located and how far is Nano from Wageningen University & Research?

Nano is located on university grounds De Dreijen at Dreijenplein 4. If you have class there, it’s just a couple of minutes from your room!

The WUR main campus is 3,2 kilometers away; about 10 minutes by bike. If you want to take public transportation, a bus stop (Diedenweg) is about a five minute walk away. From there, the main campus is a 20-minute bus ride. The main mode of transportation for all students in Wageningen is by bike, however!

How is internet organized at Nano?

Each room at Nano has its own router. This router is also WiFi capable, which means you can enjoy wireless internet. If you share your room with one or more people, you also share one router.

The costs of using the internet are included in the service costs.

How long do contracts run for at Nano?

The cancellation period is 1 month, from the first of the month.

If you cancel, you’re canceling to the 1st of the next month. For example, if you cancel your contract on June 14th, your contract runs until August 1st. However, if you cancel July 1st, then your contract runs until September 1st.

What is covered by the service fees that I will pay with my monthly rent?

Included in these fees are, among other things:

  • Use of laundry machines – one per 10 residents
  • Internet – each room is equipped with a WiFi router
  • Utilities for shared spaces
  • Use of refridgerators & stoves in the shared kitchen/living room
  • Utilities for your room, including heating, water & electricity

These fees are paid in advance each month. Around June each year, the fees paid will be compared to the actual use, and any difference will be recovered from, or repaid to, the residents.

Can I get rent subsidy for a room at Nano?

No, you cannot get subsidies for rent at Nano. This is because you share facilities with others and, because of that, the rooms not marked as independent residences.