Sign up for Nano

Read about how you can enroll for a room below!

Step 1

First things first: Are you currently a student at Wageningen University and Research? Or have you signed up for your first year? Great! Nano’s rooms are exclusively available to both Dutch and international WUR students. There are still rooms available, so sign up as soon as possible.

Step 2

To sign up for a room at Nano, you will need to enroll for the waiting list in Socius Connect.

Click here to sign up for Connect and to enroll.

Do you already have a Connect account? Click here to sign in.

Step 3

After registering for the Nano waiting list, you can check whether there are slots available for an selection event.

Check this page for any available information events.

No available slots? Then keep an eye on your e-mail inbox: selection meetings and meet-and-greets with current residents will be planned on an ongoing basis.

Generally,  it’s a ‘first come, first serve’ process!

Step 4

After attending one of the meetings, you might be picked by the current residents to join their group. Didn’t get picked? You can always sign up for the next event!

Step 5

So, you made the selection? Congrats! The next things you’ll need to do are administrative, and very important.

First, you will need to provide proof that you will be or currently are registered with the WUR. It is possible that we will ask this of you before you attend the meeting.

Then we’ll ask you to sign your rental contract.

As soon as you’ve signed your contract, there is one more mandatory step: making your first payment.

The first payment consists of the following:

  • First month of rent (including utilities & service costs)
  • A €950,- security deposit
  • €25,- administration fee

The security deposit will be refunded only if your accomodation is in good condition after you cancel your lease.

Step 6

Final check: after completing all documents, signing your contract and providing the first payment, you will receive an invitation for when you can come and pick up your keys.