Sign up for Nano

Read about how you can enroll for a room below!

Step 1

To sign up for a room at Nano, you will need to respond to room listings through Idealis. Each available room/each available bed will have its own page.

The rooms will be listed on this website.

Be sure to check back daily for the then-available rooms, and to always click ‘More information’ on the listing before responding!

Step 2

All rooms will listed for a maximum of 48 hours. It does not matter at what moment during those 48 hours you respond. However, how long you’ve been enrolled with Idealis will be taken into account.

After these 48 hours, Idealis will send Socius the details of the people who are in ‘first place’ for the rooms that were posted.

Step 3

Were you in first place for a room? Great! Socius will ask you to electronically send the following documents:

  • A copy of your student card or proof of admission
  • A copy of your ID

Every few days, the team at Nano sends out an e-mail to the people who have accepted a room at Nano. Therefore, it is possible that there are a few days in between accepting a room through Idealis and receiving the e-mail with the instructions to upload your documents. We ask you for your patience during these few days!

Note: It’s possible this e-mail ends up in your spam/junk-box! Please also keep an eye on this folder, as well.

Step 4

After Nano has received your documents, we will send you information about how you’re going to sign your lease agreement. Signing this contract is a digital process.

Once the e-mail containing a link to your contract has been sent to you, you will have a maximum of 5 days to sign the contract.

Step 5

As soon as you’ve signed your contract, there is one more mandatory step: making your first payment.

The first payment consists of the following:

  • First month of rent (including utilities & service costs)
  • A €400,- security deposit
  • €25,- administration fee

The security deposit will be refunded only if your accomodation is in good condition after you cancel your lease.

It may take some time for the payment to reach us, so we urgently advise you to pay as soon as possible after signing your lease. If we cannot see your payment in our account, we cannot give you your keys! Please take care to fulfull this payment.

Step 6

If you’ve handed in the documents, signed your contract on time and provided the first payment, you will receive an invitation for when you may receive your keys.