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Are you going to study and are you looking for a room in Wageningen? In this blog we give a look behind the scenes at Nano! Residents of Nano in Wageningen have rolled up their sleeves to work on multiple DIY-projects. We recently told you about the “Toilet-Pimp-Challenge” where the residents gave their toilets a new look. This time we would like to take you into the story behind the murals of Nano.

The murals
The idea to paint the walls in corridor 4A has arisen after other corridors of Nano had already painted their walls. Susette: “Our corridor was lagging behind the rest of the corridors. We wanted to do something about that.”

Susette and her roommates first sat down to gather inspiration. Susette: “First we looked for subjects that had a lot of color. We ended up with fictional and non-fictional ideas. ”

Susette and her three roommates made the mural of Winnie the Pooh under the colored rain together. Susette: “We worked on this for several hours.” Susette also worked several days on painting a tree house with different people from the corridor. This tree house has a special meaning for the corridor. Susette: “We made a tree house because this is the name of our corridor. We think this should be clearly visible.” Susette would like to make another mural in the future. Susette: “Together with a roommate, I would like to create an entire forest with a waterfall.”

Are you also inspired to make a mural? All the paint materials from Susette and her roommates were bought at the Action. Painting does not have to be expensive! For inspiration, we share some more murals of the other corridors in Nano below.

Pay attention: in some residential locations it is not allowed to make murals in the corridor. Ask your building manager if this is possible at your location!

Are you looking for a room in Wageningen? And are you interested in a room in Nano? Check out our FAQ page to learn more about living in Nano!