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Looking for a room in Wageningen because you start a new course at the Wageningen University next semester? Cool! Regarding this blog we would like to introduce you to the city of Wageningen and its best outdoor spots.

Arboretum de Dreijen

Wageningen is known for its rich outdoor spots. Our absolute favorite is: Arboretum de Dreijen. This park is cool during the summer and a nice get away place during your (online) lecture. In every corner you’ll find hidden art sculptures. Also nice: it’s in walking distance of the Wageningen University. Good to know if you’re looking for a room in Wageningen.

Botanical garden

Second on our top list comes the botanical garden Belmonte Arboretum. At this spot you will be guaranteed of beautiful plants and trees. Did you know that ‘Belmonte’ means beautiful mountain. Although we do not have mountains in The Netherlands, we do have beautiful hills like this one. And just like Aborentum de Dreijen, the botanical garden is located near the Wageningen University. Very convenient when you are looking for a room in Wageningen.

Wageningse Geul

Last but not least: ‘de Wageningse Geul’ which means: ‘the Trench of Wageningen’. This beautiful spot in nature is just out of the city center and a 20 minute walk from the Wageningen University. And if you have a room in Wageningen south of the city center, you’ll be there in less than 10 minutes. It’s a beautiful nature spot near the river de Rijn. It’s definitely worth visiting while studying in Wageningen.

Do you want to know more about our student housing in Wageningen and how to register? Please take a look at our FAQ page for all frequently asked questions. Do you want to register for a room in Nano? You’ll find all the information you need on our ‘Sign up‘ page.