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Are you studying in Wageningen and are you looking for a room? In this blog we give a look behind the scenes at Nano! Residents of Nano in Wageningen have rolled up their sleeves to work on multiple DIY-projects. We recently told you about the “Toilet-Pimp-Challenge” and the murals in Nano. This time we spoke to Siun who, together with her roommates, realized a DIY project in their shared living room.

The bar

What started as a joke got out of hand for Siun and her roommates, because they built a bar in the shared living room. The bar is called “The Second Wave” because residents created the bar during the second wave of the coronavirus. Siun: “Wouter and Ysbrand from my corridor did almost all the work. Together with the others, we mainly helped with sanding the bar.”


Wouter and Ysbrand spent two weeks making the bar. Siun: “However there is continuously work to do. More parts are added all the time and there is always work to be done. A good job is never done!” For example, Wouter and Ysbrand are now busy making (bar) stools. In addition to the fact that the residents continue to build on the bar, they want to make a spinning wheel game and a tabletop game for the corridor in the future.

Are you inspired to build a bar too? Look for creative solutions to collect material. Siun: “We got the wood for the bar from a place where they recycle wooden pallets. We bought other materials, such as nails, in a hardware store. Furthermore, Wouter and Ysbrand had all their tools at home.” Not sure how to start? Siun gives you a tip! Siun: “Make a good plan and stick to it. It also helps to ask people who are handy and know how to hammer. Good luck!”


Room in Nano

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