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Residents of our residential location Nano in Wageningen have rolled up their sleeves to carry out various DIY projects. One of the DIY projects is the ‘Toilet-Pimp-Challenge’ where residents have given their toilets a new look. We are happy to tell you more about the story behind the ‘Toilet-Pimp-Challenge’.

The Toilet-Pimp-Challenge
The idea to do a Toilet-Pimp-Challenge originated from Sanne, building manager at Nano. She – and the other residents – thought that the toilets could use some color. To make this a fun DIY project, Sanne decided to turn this into a challenge. Five groups (four residents per group) participated in the Toilet-Pimp-Challenge. Each group was given its ‘own’ toilet for a makeover. After the toilets got a new look, it was time to pick a winner. A poll was made where the groups could vote for their favorite toilet in various categories. In the end, one group won the ‘overall prize’. We spoke to winner Elise about her participation in the Toilet-Pimp-Challenge.

Category: ‘Overall-price’

Elise: “Our theme for the Toilet-Pimp-Challenge was ‘Jungle’. Fortunately, me and my group decided quite quickly that we wanted to do something with greenery and plants.” To make sure everyone had a task, Elise and her hallmates had divided the work that needed to be done. Elise: “Resident Marieke made sure that the ceiling was painted blue and that the door got black chalk paint. Residents Daan and Joris applied the wallpaper, painted the wall tiles green and installed a chalk holder. I spent all night painting a forest in front of the door.” To complete the toilet, the residents added a few accessories. In total, the residents spent about 4 hours per toilet. Resident Elise “Time flies when you are having fun.”

If you are interested in pimping the toilets at your house yourself, Elise has some tips: “Use different colors and try to make your design interactive. You can do this by using the entire space and working with different materials. Before you start buying new materials, check which materials/accessories you already have at home. We only spent €10 on new materials. We already had the rest at home.”

The other toilets
Category: ‘The funniest-prize’

Category: ‘The most original-prize’

Other toilets

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